Tailoring through Colloidal Processing - Members


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B. Ferrari

Begoña Ferrari Fernández
Scientific Researcher - CSIC
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest
- Electrophoretic Deposition.
  - Colloidal surface modification
- Ceramic Coatings   - Nanoparticulated Slurries

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A. Javier Sanchez-Herencia

Antonio Javier Sánchez Herencia
Tenured Scientist - CSIC
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest
- Rheology of concentrated slurries   - Metal Ceramic composties
- Slurries of metallic powders in water
  - Shaping methods from slurries

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Ana Ferrández Montero
- Postdoctoral researcher Programm for Attration of Talent of the Regonial Government of Madrid

Research Interest
- Organic polymers for Innovative Shaping   - Biomaterials for bone regeneration
- Metal-Ceramic-Polymer composites   4D Printing

Caterina Chirico Rodríguez
- Postdoctoral researcher Programm Juan de la Cierva Formación

Research Interest
- 3D printing of Titanium compounds   - Sintering of Hard Metals and metal-ceramic compounds

Oxel Urra Sánchez
Graduated Student - Hired by the proyect MicroMatters@AM

Research Interest
- Additive Manufacturing of carbonaceous materials   - Electrochemical response of 3D printed pieces.
Pablo Ortega

Pablo Ortega Columbrams
Graduated Student - Industrial Doctorate from COLFEED4Print

Research Interest
- Additive Manufacturing of nanoparticles   - Photocatalist
- Electrolizers   - Hidrogen production

Rosa María Martín Rodríguez
Graduated Student - Hired by the proyect TALENTO - CM

Research Interest
-   -

External collaborators

Yolanda Castro
Tenured Scientist at the Glass Group on the Institute of Ceramic and Glass ICV-CSIC
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest
- Sol-Gel   - Coating
- Mesoporous materials and Drug delivery
  - Corrosion

María Colmenares
Tenured Scientist at the Myeloid Cell Biology on the Biological Research Center CIB-CSIC
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest
- Inmunologic response to biomaterials   - Parasite (Leishmania )- Hosting Cell (macrophage).


Zoilo González Granados
- Assistant Professor at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the University of Cordoba.

Former Member of the Group

Research Interest

- Synthesis and processing of Nickel Hydroxides   - Synthesis with surfactants
- Electrochemical characterization of Nickel Hydroxides.

Former Members

Miguel de Dios

Guillermo Frías Blanco
Research Technician.

Research Interest
- Particles characterization equipment   - Processing and sintering equipments

Álvaro Eguiluz Castro
Assistan reseracher - Hired by the proyect ADDITIMAT

Research Interest
- Additive Manufacturing Engineering   - Rheology of organic inorganic composites
- Biomaterials    
Miguel de Dios

Macarena García Ayala
Graduated Student - Program FPI. Co-hosted with UPM within the ING4MATER proyect(MINECO).

Current Position (2023): R&D Department in PERSAN S.A.

Research Interest
- Processing of MMC and CMC by colloidal processing technique.   - Materials for extreme nuclear conditions

Joaquín Luis Yus Domínguez
Post Doctoral researcher – Program ADITIMAT-CM

Current Position (2023): Post-Doc at U. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Research Interest

-Synthesis and characterization of Nickel Hydroxides and oxides.

  - Synthesis of electrocatalysts based in Iron in advanced fuel cells.  

Florencia Hernández
Visitor Researcher

Actual Position (2023): Researcher CETMIC-CONICET

Research Interest
- Colloidal Processing of Oxide compounds   - Microstructural desing of materials with better thermomechanical properties
Miguel de Dios

Miguel de Dios Pérez
Graduated Student - Program FPI. Co-hosted with UC3M within the MITICO proyect(MINECO),

Actual Position (2019): Business Developer - M&P - Air Liquide

Research Interest
- Powder metallurgy of metallic materials   - Colloidal synthesis of metallic and ceramic particles
Paola Parente

Esther Molero Romero
Research Assitant

Actual Position (2019): Temporary Professor - Universidad de Córdoba

Research Interest

- Addtivies for concentrated slurries   - Processing of macroporous materials
- Synthesis and characterization of PEMFC and SOFC

Carlos Mendoza Gallego
Research Assitant

Actual Position (2019): PhD Student. Dept. of Applied Chemistry. Université de Liége - Belgium

Research Interest in our group
- Design of photocatalytic Materials   - Synthesis of TiCN coatings and films
Juan Escribano

Juan Antonio Escribano Quintana
Postdoctoral Researcher

Actual Position (2020): CEO of the spin-off COLFEED4Print. Spain

Research Interest in our group
- Surfaces of non-oxides in water.
  - Metal-Ceramic composites

FrantisKa Frajkorova
Visitor Resarcher (from: Materials  Research Centre, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic)

Research Interest in our group
- Processing of dense and porous ceramics   - Bioceramics
María Verde

María Verde Lozano
Graduated Student - Program JAE (CSIC)

Actual Position (2019-): Senior Innovation Consultant - Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia S.L., Spain

Research Interest in our group
- Electrophoretic Deposition.
  - ZnO Compounds

Sandra Cabañas Polo
Graduated Student - Program JAE (CSIC)

Actual Position (2019-): Technical Manager of Process Development at Johnson Matthey Advanced Glass Technologies BV

Research Interest in our group
- Sonochemistry.
  - Metal-Ceramic composites
Paola Parente

Paola Parente
Postdoctoral Researcher

Actual Position (2017): Centro Ricerche Brasimore -ENEA, Italy

Research Interest in our group
- Positronic Spectroscopy.
  - Desing of Structures

Cristina Guerrero Leucona
DEA Student - Lab. Assistant (CSIC)

Research Interest in our group
- Metal -Ceramic composites
Marta Palacios

Marta Palacios Arevalo
Postdoctoral Researcher - Program "Juan de la Cierva" (MICINN)

Actual Position (2019-): Tenured Scientist at the IETCC-CSIC

Research Interest in our group
- Cement Additives.
  - Rheology of cements and concrete

Isabel Gonzalo de Juan
Graduated Student - Program FPU (MECD)

Actual Position (2019): Department of Materials and Earth Sciences, TU Darmstadt, Germany

Research Interest in our group
- Hydrothermal Synthesis
  - Slurries of nanosized powders