Tailoring through Colloidal Processing - Research

Extraordinary Doctorate award from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 2019: "Synthesis, Processing and Mechanical Characterization of Ti(C,N)-based cermets through the combination of Colloidal and Powder Metallurgy techniques", by Dr. Miguel de Dios Pérez.

Antoni Bas R&D Award - 2109:"Processing of Mg base materials through the combination of colloidal techniques and Additive Manufacturing", by Ana Ferrández. The price is is to incentivate the development of topics of Interest for AMES company in universities and research centers at a national and international level. Price has an economical grant for the presenter and for the Department where the work was done.

Best Final Degree Project - 2018: "Manufactura aditiva de materiales compuestos de matriz polimérica con alta concentración de carga inorgánica para el procesamiento de implantes de hidroxiapatita mesoporosos y 100% inorgánico"", by F. Javier González López and supervised by Begoña Ferrari and Ana Ferrandez. The price is funded by the "Fundación Caja de Ingenieros".

Student Contest award - 2018:"The age of additive manufacturing. Water based semiconductor inks for the fabrication of Energy Microdevices.", by J. Yus, A.J. Sanchez-Herencia, Z. Gonzales, B. Ferrari, at the LVI Congreso Nacional de Cerámica y Vidrio, Barcelona, 08-10 OCt. 2018. By winnign this contest J. Yus was choosed as Spanish Representative at the 16th International Conference of the European Ceramic Society.

Best Poster Prize: "Electrophoretic Deposition of a GO/Ni(OH)2 Composite Material produced by Hetereocoagulation as promising Supercapacitor Electrode". by J. Yus, Y. Calero, B. Ferrari, A.J Sanchez-Herencia, A. Caballero, J. Morales,  Z. Gonzalez, at the 69th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, September 2-7, 2018 Bologna, Italy

Best Oral Poster Presentation: “"Biodegradable PLA/Mg films for tissues regeneration”, by A. Ferrandez-Montero, M.Lieblich, JL.Gonzalez-Carrasco, A.R. Boccaccini, B. Ferrari, at the 10th BIOMETAL. Symposium on Biodegradable Metals for Biomedical Applications, August 26-31, 2018, Oxford, UK

Best Oral Poster Presentation: “Shaping strategies for porous Ti fabrication throughout colloidal chemistry”, by B. Ferrari, E. Molero, A.J. Sanchez-Herencia, R. Das Neves, E. Gordo, at the 3rd Conference on Powder Processing, Consolidation and Metallurgy of Titanium, August 30 - September 3, 2015, Lüneburg Germany

Student Contest award: “Ceramic reinforcement (Ti3SiC2) of Ti scaffolds by combining the use of pre-ceramic polymers and colloidal processing techniques, by E. Molero, P. Colombo, A.J. Sánchez Herencia, B. Ferrari, at the LIV Congreso Nacional de Cerámica y Vidrio, Badajoz, 19-21 Nov. 2014. By winnign this contest E. Molero was choosed as Spanish Representative at the 14th International Conference of the European Ceramic Society

Poster Award: “Ti(C,N)-based cermets with Fe matrix processed by combination of colloidal processing and powder metallurgy”, by P. Alvaredo. A.J. Escribano, B. Ferrari, A.J. Sanchez-Herencia y E. Gordo, 10th International Conference on the Science of Hard Materials, Cancun, 10-14 March 2014.

Poster Award: “Estudio sobre la adsorción de aditivos en superficies de Ti(C,N), y su efecto en la estabilidad coloidal de suspensiones y en el empaquetamiento durante el conformado por colaje de materiales compuestos Fe/Ti(C,N)”, by A.J. Escribano, A.J. Sanchez-Herencia y B. Ferrari, en el LIII Congreso de la SECV, Alcora, 23-26 Oct. 2013.

Poster Award :“Effect of reaction conditions on the size and morphology of ultrasonically prepared Ni(OH)2 powders", by S. Cabanas-Polo, A. J. Sanchez-Herencia, K. S. Suslick, at the 12th European Society of Sonochemistry, Crete, 30 May - 3 June 2010.

Student Contest Award: "ZnO-based thin films by EPD”, by M. Verde, A. C. Caballero, M. Villegas and B. Ferrari, at the International Conference "Shaping 4". Madrid, 15-18 Nov. 2009.

Student Contest Award: "Obtención de recubrimientos por deposición electroforética (EPD) a partir de suspensiones sol-gel", by Y. Castro, B. Ferrari, R. Moreno y A. Durán, at the XL Congreso Nacional de Cerámica y Vidrio, Onda, 8-11 Nov. 2000. By winnign this contest Y. Castro was choosed as Spanish Representative at the 7th International Conference of the European Ceramic Society.

1998 Extraordinary doctorate award of the Polytechnic University of Madrid to B. Ferrari's PhD by the ETSI de Minas.

Juan Artieda National Research Award 1997-1998 to Dr. B. Ferrari by AITEMIN